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but policing expert. 2013 has been a dangerous year so far. >> oakland has a crisis. we have to take immediate action to assure our citizens we're beefing up our police department. >> reporter: the city is looking to implement numerous changes to cut down on the crime. and starting a new police academy class. but the most controversial move involving bringing in former los angeles police chief william bratton. >> i think they're doing it as much as of a pr move as anything else. >> reporter: bratton is viewed as an over zealous police leader. >> they try these practices like gang injunctions, like curfews and oakland residents reject them. >> reporter: after 126 homicides last year and a dwindling force, bratton's expertise is needed. >> i think he's a wonderful leader in law enforcement. i look guard to working with
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him. i don't expect any of the controversy that is surrounding him to be an issue for us. >> reporter: if you ask new city council member noel it appears city leaders are ready to approve the $250,000 contract for his services. >> that's governments primary responsibility is to guarantee the safety and security of its people. >> reporter: the public safety committee meets at 5:30 tonight. although they plan to protest, the committee is expected to approve that contract. live in oakland, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we caught up with governor jerry brown and asked if he plans to provide resources to help curb violence in the city where he once served as mayor. >> i want to help where i can. oakland has to solve its own problems. the fire department, mayor, of you got to put together. >> governor brown said he'll look at what he called any reasonable request for help
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from oakland. he points out he's sent the highway patrol to assist oakland police in fighting crime. >> police in the northern california city of galt tonight are mourning the loss of one of their own. this happened about 11:20:30s in the farming community about 30 miles south of downtown sacramento. police say officer kevin tonk confronted the suspect. other officers moved in on the gunman. >> suspect then fired several rounds back at one of the officers. and then shortly turned away and then turned back around and turned the gun on himself. >> police have not released the name of the suspect. a gruesome discovery in the north bay. a body is found in the trunk of a bar. the gold sedan was parked in a
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no parking zone north of east cotati avenue. rita, you've learned the name of the victim and his link to a previous case. >> that's right. >> reporter: it's a rather intriguing case. a body stuffed in the trunk of a car parked in a rather well traveled area. it was here on petaluma hill road at east cotati avenue, not on the sonoma state campus, but right across the street from it. >> i saw it parked there. >> reporter: lawrence ricardo was returning from winter break sunday when he says he noticed the gold car here in a no parking area. at first he thought it was for sale. now he knows it had a body in the trunk. >> i couldn't have done anything. but just knowing that something happened there, it's just scary.
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>> reporter: sonoma county sheriffs deputies say they spotted the car the next day, it matched a car police say was involved in a domestic violence case friday night. they say they saw blood in the front seat, opened the trunk and found a man's body inside. the man is sean francis parker from vallejo, 31 years old. investigators told me parker was the suspect in that domestic violence case and that they believe at least some of the blood in the front seat belonged to the woman who was the domestic violence victim. >> we've contacted that person and they're safe. >> this incident that we're investigating we don't believe has anything to do with the prior domestic violence case. >> reporter: so what did happen to sean parker? investigators here say someone did in fact kill him. and they say they have leads that they are following. they also tell me he has a rather lecty criminal history.
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reporting live in santa rosa. >> a sad ending for one marin county family. on christmas eve police pulled over anthony donaldson on suspected drunk driving. they say he took off on foot and jumped into a rain swollen creek near the college of marin. rescue teams and his family spent days searching for him, but it wasn't until yesterday his body turned up in that creek. >> investigators are looking into the cause of a fire that destroyed a home in oakland. it broke out about 9:00 this morning at a house on the 200 block of east 26th street. news chopper 2 flew over as flames and smoke were coming from the roof. firefighters say the home was unoccupied and there were no injuries. the fire had to be fought from outside because firefighter history difficulty reaching the flames because to the amount of personal items stored inside the house. no word yet on an estimate of
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damage. the cold spell in the bay area is finally coming to an end. we'll hear from our chief meteorologist in a moment. first though, tom vacar is at a flower farm in petaluma and tells us why so many people are glad this told weather is almost over. >> reporter: here in the north bay a rose by any other name would be called keep me warm. the family has been in the flower business for four generations. >> we haven't seen this prolonged stretch of cold weather, it's been getting into the upper to mid20s for a couple weeks in a row now. >> reporter: that means heating the greenhouses, especially with valentine's day just ahead. >> we've been burning much more per night than we usually do. >> reporter: problem is if these things aren't warm enough, they simply go to sleep. no flowers. >> you can't keep temperature and your flowers cool down you
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might miss a holiday. >> reporter: a trade association of more than 200 wineries and inns will hold its business boosting tasting event this weekend. >> i was getting worried. as cold as it was i would want to be in the house next to the fire. i wouldn't want to be out wandering around. >> reporter: many tickets will be sold to drive up attenkeys, some who may not have wanted to brave the cold. >> we're understand expecting a sunny 67-degree day saturday and sunday. >> reporter: cold weather produced cold cash. >> it's boosted our sales probably at least 30, 40% in battery sales. actually been a little short on some. we've had to up our stock to cover that. we have cold spells up here, but not the length of it. >> reporter: tomorrow into the flower, winery, tourist and battery friendly 60s here in the north bay.
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tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> now we want to bring in our chief meteorologist. are we looking at one more night of cold weather? >> yea. not as cold as last night. temperatures in the 20s this morning in santa rosa. 27 degrees. petaluma was 25 degrees. gil roy was 25. not as cold tomorrow morning. we're looking at forecast numbers. still cold. they're still down there. but these are some more of those from this morning. lows tomorrow morning are going to be warmer. it's because we have a ridge of high pressure that's setting up. with that ridge of pressure we'll see temperatures begin to warm into the 60s in some places for the bay area weekend. overnight lows out of that sub freezing range and back into just a mild to cool range. when i come back, forecast specifics for tomorrow. we'll look at the five day forecast. how warm will it get this weekend? and some giant surf coming up
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along the coast. they may hold that mavericks contest in the future. we'll see you back here. >> the san francisco board of supervisors made it more difficult to light up in the city. they voted in favor of banning smoking at parades and certain festivals. the ban will not be enforced by police. instead it'll rely on peer pressure and a publicity campaign. supporters say the ban is about changing the way smoking is viewed. >> it's not punitive against smokers. this is about the smoke itself which is as we mentioned previously is a carcinogen and there is no safe level. >> a final approval is expected later this month. >> new information on the identity of the person who robbed a woman in san francisco and then kimed her dog. detectives posted a picture of
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35-year-old laurice barrett today. they say he is wanted for robbery and animal cruelty in an incident that took place on december 28th. he robbed a woman and tossed the woman's 12-year-old dog into the street. unfortunately the dog did not survive. the pilot of the oil tanker that sideswiped the bay bridge last week made a last minute course change just before impact. the tankers captain originally indicated he planned to sail between two towers near the middle of the bridges span but instead he steered the tanker through a different opening. now investigators are trying to figure out the reason for that course change. >> dozens of people were killed in syria by two explosions on a university campus. those explosions struck on the first day of exams. the syrian observatory for human rights puts the death toll at 83.
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ago vests say government war flames fire and missiles. state tv says rebels launched. more than 60,000 people have been killed in the two year civil war. >> the widow of a man killed in that massacre at a movie theater in colorado is suing a psychiatrist who once treated the alleged gunman. james holmes sold the psychiatrist he fantasized about killing people and that she was negligent in not asking authorities to place a psychiatric hold on holmes. she works at the university of colorado where holmes was a student. holmes withdrew about five weeks before he opened fire in the theater killing 12 people. at this point he has not yet entered a plea. >> we believe and know that most all gun owners are highly responsible. >> we are getting hints at the new gun regulations president obama will suggest, plus the state that passed strict laws today. >> the cold weather is
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. tomorrow morning president obama will announce new policies in pons to the newtown school shooting. he'll be surrounded by children who wrote to him after that tragedy. the president does not have to wait for congress to act. >> reporter: the white house says president obama could make nearly 20 executive orders to enact stricter gun laws. that would not require approval from lawmakers. one option, appointing a full time director of the atf. >> it's been a very long time since the senate has confirm add head of the atf.
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>> reporter: congress has not approved a nominee for the past six years. obama could install one himself. he could direct them to investigate more gun thefts. right now they investigate only when ten or more are stolen and only if one is connected to a crime. another executive order option, enforcing a 1968 give up law that prohibits the import of certain assault-style weapons. >> he believes we ought to take common sense and enact common sense measures that protect our second amendment rights but prevent people who should not have happens from on staining them. >> reporter: he made it clear president obama will not rely solely on making executive orders. the white house says he will need approval from congress for tougher gun legislation. >> some congressional republicans are claiming they had little say in the gun control proposal given to
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president obama. our washington bureau checked attendance records for meetings of vice president joe biden's gun task force. he met with video game makers, the nra, walmart and congressional democrats. the meetings did not include republicans from the house and senate. >> it sends a clear signal that the biden task force had a predetermined it outcome and all the meetings that were held were done for show. >> reporter: >> the white house says vice presidentwiden met with members of congress who requested a meeting. >> new york became the first state to pass significant gun control legislation following that school massacre in connecticut. governor andrew cuomo signed that measure after quick debate and approval in both house wases of the state legislature. it places tougher restrictions on gun sales and bans sales of large magazines. it would require a therapist to
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report any patient who made a credible threat to use a gun illegally. new york state has the toughest gun laws in the country. here's how california compares. last year governor brown vetoed a bill that would have required the mandatory reporting of stolen firearms. right now the state does not require background checks when someone is buying ammunition. they allow for magazines that can carry a maximum of 10 rounds. long lines as bay area residents look to turn in their guns for money. why the event was held today and a problem that organizers ran into. >> the santa clara county sheriff's office is investigating a fatal pedestrian accident this morning. happened about 7:00 a.m. deputies say a big rig hit and killed a woman inside the crosswalk. they say the driver did stop at scene cooperating.
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firefighters say a fire at ava didn't building appears to be suspicious. it started before 4:00 this morning just east of the c&h sugar refinery. >> there are no -- there's nobody living on the pier. there are no sources of electricity or obvious sources of ignition. it will be under investigation. >> crews say the fire burned under the pier and was difficult to put out. there was another fire there just about two years ago. >> a measure retail trade group says holiday sales grew more online than in brick and mortar stores. holiday receipts were up from internet and catalog sales. store sales rose only 3% in november and december. that compares to increases of 5.6% in 2011 and 5.5% in 2010.
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on wall street stocks were missed. the dow jones was up 27 points while the nasdaq was off 6.72 and the s&p was up a little more than 1.5 points. >> california citrus growers are trying to keep orchards from freezing. how the cold snap is threatening group. growers are spending lots of money. the california citrus mutual says growers spent about $17 point 5 million keeping orchards warm last weekend. >> whatever doesn't kill them makes them sweeter. if you can get the mandarins as close to frozen as you can but not frozen the trees push sugar into the fruit. >> the california citrus industry is worth $1.5 billion each year. the bay area's fourth
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winter spare the air alert is in effect for tomorrow. wood smoke is expected to build up to unhealthy levels this week. the alert makes it illegal to burn any solid fuels indoors and outdoors for 24 hours unless that's your only source of heat. >> let's talk about our weather. it's safe to say that most folks are pretty well tired of this cold weather. >> it's been a long run. we've had a great run with thin reign this season. i would like to see rain every other day, every third day. we've had a real dry stand. we'll stay dry around here for a while. the systems heading up here. i'm just drawing in the jet stream. that's a big ridge of high pressure. look at the lines. they spew particularly into the atmosphere. as the ocean ships go through they create smokestacks in the air and it condenses and makes
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a cloud. you don't see those all the time. these are the current temperatures right now. it's 49-degrees in santa rosa. that's cold. 49 degrees at santa rosa at this house. 44 in napa. 49 in san jose. is it going to be tonight? yes. temperatures are going to warm up just a few degrees. no advisories or warnings tonight. we have a number of nights of advisories and freeze warnings. 32 in conchord. still cold out there. the atmosphere is modifying. we'll be warmer. still no rain in the forecast. the high pressure that sets up that big ridge will start turning the winds north and northeast. a little wind in the upper atmosphere. it will increase our daytime highs as we go through the next
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couple of days. goes into effect for tomorrow. unhealthy air mainly in the north bay. moderate levels in the east bay. you do not want to be burning your wood stoves unless it's your only source of heat. tomorrow it starts off cold. there'll be some frost. there'll be freezing areas. just not as down right cold as it was this morning. as you sent the kids off last couple of days. not as intensive tomorrow morning. as we go into the long range forecast, things start to warm up. we'll look at your forecast highs as those temperatures start to ratchet up as we move towards your bay area weekend. >> a san francisco supervisor is proposing changing the name of sfo. why he wants to name it after a well known person who was shot and killed more than 30 years ago. >> the high-tech and low tech
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ways san jose's interim police chief hopes to make a difference while he's heading up that department.
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san jose's new interim police chief larry escovel spoke to us after yesterday's announcement he'll be taking over the department at least temporarily. >> use technology. the global aspects i'm going to continue. really just to be that sounding board and the resource for our
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officers to increase morale. i think that's important. >> esqivel to take over sunday. the results of autopsy are in on a man found dead at a garbage transfer center. the coroner's office says the results show no evidence of foul play. an official cause of death is pending the results of a toxicology examination. workers found the body of gomez- diaz. he was a transient and may have climbed into a dumpster to get out of the cold. >> san francisco supervisor introduced new legislation to rename san francisco international airport in honor of harvey milk. he was the first openly gay politician and a pioneer of the civil rights movement. he was assassinated in 1978. a proposed charter amendment would ask voters to approve
5:27 pm
changing the airport's name. passengers we spoke with said they would support the plan. >> i think that's really a great idea. he's such a fundamental anything in san francisco history. >> i think it's great when airports reflect the local historical leaders. >> if the legislation is approved the issue would go before voters next november. a new class action lawsuit claims blue cross of california is discriminating against people with hiv. filed a lawsuit over prescription drug program. it would require certain drugs be purchased through mail order. blue cross says the program applies to hundreds of specialty drugs. >> part of the emphasis was the little kids being killed. i don't use them. >> a gun buyback in the bay area draws huge crowds.
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there was also a problem that organizers ran into just hours after it started. >> there is a buzz going on here at the facebook campus after a big announcement today. we'll show you how facebook plans to expand what users can do. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show
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that was fast. a gun buyback program in the north bay is so popular it causes problems. the marin county gun buyback launched today attracted so many people officials ran out of money about an hour after it started. allie rasmus is live with the frustration over what happened and hold up the county is trying to keep this program going. >> reporter: that's right. we're at the twin cities police
5:31 pm
station. you can see police have a table set up where they are still accepting guns as part of this buyback program until 8:00 tonight. now instead of getting cash for their firearms people who turn them in with will get a voucher instead. the buyback program began at 11:00 this morning at five marin county locations. the line to turn in weapons snaked around the building. >> i have two semiautomatic 22s. >> reporter: residents who turned in semiautomatics got $200. $100 for other guns. >> guns out of houses. get them off the streets. the fewer guns, the fewer opportunities for a mistake or absolute killing. >> reporter: the shootings at sandy hook elementary spurned this. >> that was something he
5:32 pm
believed very passionately and advocated. >> reporter: by noon, just an hour after it began, the $43,000 set aside was gone. >> we're going to give vouchers. >> reporter: the vouchers are not guaranteed. tomorrow his office will count up the vouchers and see if they can fundraise the money later. >> hopefully they'll appropriate the funds. >> reporter: while some people were frustrated. >> a typical government operation. >> reporter: others said money was never their motivation. >> i'm not a gun person. i have no need for it. i thought this was a good thing to do. >> reporter: the marin county da is supposed to tell us tomorrow how many guns were collected today. at this location they've gathered about 200. there is another buyback scheduled for next monday. that buyback will go on as scheduled. people will be getting vouchers for their firearms, not cash. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2
5:33 pm
news. >> the national rifle association claims its membership has grown by 250,000 people in the past month since the shootings at sandy hook elementary. comments by politicians about restricting the type of weapons americans can own moved people to join the group. >> still on the subject of the nra, it is drawing criticism for a newly released target shooting game. it tests players for accuracy in a shooting range with a variety of handguns and rifles. critics question the timing of the games release which comes one month after the deadly connecticut school shooting. so far the nra has not commented on its new game. the school in connecticut is going to be renamed after a teacher who died protecting her students in the sandy hook elementary school massacre.
5:34 pm
honey spot elementary will be renamed after victoria soto. she died along with 20 children and five other adults. her sister was at the council meeting. >> i'm happy the town was able to come together and pass this. i feel honored to know my sister's name will stay alive. the town council vote. >> new numbers from the federal government show san jose is one of 14 cities that has more jobs than it did before the recession. the business journals analyzed bureau of labor statistic numbers from november of 2007 to november of 2010 st. they gained 6600 jobs over those five years. san francisco and oakland last 71,700 jobs. walmart rolled out a plan it says will jump start the
5:35 pm
u.s. economy including hiring veterans. they plan on hiring veterans, buying $50 billion worth of american made goods and helping part time workers transition into full time positions. >> facebook made its big announcement today and it wasn't quite as big as some people had hoped. robert handa is telling us about the new feature. >> reporter: the announcement there would be an announcement got the attention of literally the world today. the actual announcement here generated mixed feelings. news agencies from around the world came to facebook's mystery announcement today. founder and ceo mark zuckerberg unveiled graph search that will allow users to search the social network's database
5:36 pm
through their own friends post and help members zero in on other members who share interests. >> before having tools like this that was really just one half of the equation. people are going to have the ability to make these new connections. it's a new thing. >> reporter: tech analyst says it could help facebook and attract crucial advertising bakeries criticized facebook. >> it could potentially increase dramatically the value of facebook. how they presented it was horrid. at the end of the day it was presented as another search feature. kind of a linkedin light. >> reporter: users ranged from enthusiastic to skeptical. >> i don't think it will make me more inclined to use facebook. i have one, but i'd rather go out and meet people in the real
5:37 pm
world. >> you'd be able to find mutual friends faster. it could be good and a bad thing. hopefully more of a good thing. >> reporter: facebook plans to monitor the users to help the company improve and expand the service. we heard a range of reactions on wall street. the stock rose before the announcement and dropped after it. >> apple's stock hit a new low today. for the first time in a year shares closed below $500. they lost almost $16 at 3.15%. apple has been on the decline after reports of weaker than expected demand for its new iphone. >> it appears chicago authorities have solved the mystery of 18 human heads found at the airport. the heads arrived from rome about a week before christmas. a crematorium showed up this morning with the proper
5:38 pm
paperwork. the heads had been sent to chicago for anatomical research. the shipping of body parts is not unusual but say you do need the proper documentation. >> documentationment the newenline classes being offered and why you may call them a real bargain. >> the reason parents might want to think twice about covering the cost their children's college education.
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details are coming to light about costly renovations done in the bathroom of the interior department with taxpayer money. the renovations were done in 2007 to the office bathroom of then interior secretary. auditors have since reseemed the upgrades totaled $236,000 and included a new shower, refrigerator and expensive wood paneling. >> first and foremost the country is broke. we can't afford as taxpayers to remodel bathrooms or any rooms that don't need to be remodeled. >> the upgrade was part of a multimillion dollar remodeling of the headquarters in washington, d.c. >> san jose state university is launching a pilot project to
5:42 pm
offer affordable classes. starting later this month -- governor jerry brown was on hand. the four credit classes will cost $150. >> 16% of the students at cal state get out in four years. and the longer you stay the more you spend. so this is a big, huge problem with student debt approaching a trillion dollars. >> the pilot project will begin january 30th with just three classes in entry level math, college algebra and statistics. classes will have 100 students each. new research finds that college students who receive financial help from their parents have lower grades but are more likely to graduate. students with parental support dial down their academic efforts. those students had a 65% chance of graduating within five years. college students with no parental support had a 56%
5:43 pm
chance. >> i'm really looking forward to being a part of that. >> we're hearing from the bay area contingent headed to president obama's inauguration. the key business issues local leaders plan to address. >> i'm tracking the weather. we have more cool weather to talk about. we have warmups and big waves headed our way. i'll let you know when they get here.
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5:45 pm
we're just days away from the swearing in of president obama as he begins his second term. thousands will attend the
5:46 pm
celebration. as ken pritchett reports, local dignitaries will be there as well. >> reporter: as the preparations are underway in washington for the inauguration and swearing in of president obama, there are leaders in the east bay preparing to be there. >> i'm looking forward to being a part of that. >> reporter: bill clarkson will join four other trivalley mayors at the inauguration. >> i think it's going to be a different experience. but it's still part of history. >> reporter: he remembers a sea of people, more than a million by several estimates. >> i believe it's an opportunity where people do get together and have a common bond regardless of where you're coming from politically. >> reporter: this is a business trip for the mayors, one that starts with a meeting of the national mayors conference. it's not just about meeting with other mayors or even taking with history. they will be meeting with the power players in washington
5:47 pm
seeking hundreds of millions of federal highway dollars. the mayors will be pushing for money to improve the 580-680 interchange. >> we need to get the funds to get those interchanges fixed. >> down here and over here -- >> reporter: another project is a bike and pedestrian overpass. the swearing in of a president, a bonus on a business trip. a historic one at that. >> it's just being a part of something that's much larger than yourself and the memory and something to share and bring back to both residents to my family. >> when president obama takes the oath of office during his inauguration on monday he'll have his hand on two very special bibles. one bible belonged to abraham lincoln. president obama used it at his first inauguration. the ore belonged to dr. martin
5:48 pm
luther king jr. >> the greater hope is that the nation, particularly congress, derives inspiration from what my father and his ideals represented. >> president obama gets sworn in during a big ceremony on monday which is also martin luther king day this year. the real inaugural will be held on private on sunday, january 20th. ktvu will have live coverage of the inauguration on sunday. ken pritchett and tori campbell will be in the washington, d.c. >> finally open some time next month. the city's redevelopment agency is overseeing that project to convert a store front into a
5:49 pm
place where officers can do administrative work. the time table during today's board meeting. the police chief says police presence should help cut down on crime. >> whatever we can do to keep officers in the field. we don't want them to have to go back to the stations so what we'd like is once the officers leave the station the substation station is in the middle of the two. it keeps the officers in on or in the area. >> the space will be available for use by other city departments. a morgan hill floral shop was gutted by flames today. firefighters say it started at the rear of the building and then spread to the rest of the site. they had the flames out in about 30 minutes and were able to keep them from spreading to nearby buildings. no one was inside when the fire started. no injuries reported. the fire is under investigation. >> after weeks of debate, congress late today approved billions of dollars in
5:50 pm
emergency relief for the victims of superstorm sandy. >> the noes have it. >> the no vote came on a republican amendment that sought to offset the relief costs with other budget cuts. the house voted to approve more than $50 billion in aid. superstorm sandy killed 140 people and destroyed homes and businesses. >> with are pleading and we shouldn't have to beg for money for the northeast to be able to survive this tragedy. >> a tragedy like hurricane sandy shouldn't be used as an excuse for a grab bag of spending having nothing to do with emergency relief. >> the senate is expected to take up the relief measure next tuesday. >> yesterday we talked about a little bit of a warmup for today. i do believe we are feeling it. >> just about that much. didn't take much to feel warmer.
5:51 pm
it's been so chilly around here. overnight lows have been freezing. tomorrow morning, one of the first in a while we don't have an advisory for cold weather. still going to be cold, but not as cold. a slight warmup in the area. as we come in tight you can check out the wind conditions. very light winds out there right now. winds on the mild side. that's what you expect this time of year. the temperatures are cool though for this hour. 49 in san jose. that is chilly. 47 in livermore. those are overnight lows about a month and a half ago. these are highs that were recorded today. 51 in fairfield. we're done with rain for a while. i don't see rain in the forecast at least for the five day. some models suggest beyond that a little bit. there's a large swell in the pacific. it is a storm of sorts. that is going to go to the north of us.
5:52 pm
the waves come underneath a ridge of high pressure. the storm sitting to the west of us is generating very large surf. that's going to show up here probably start showing up on saturday. peeks on sunday. it's going to be big. nice weather this weekend. folks will go to the beach. it'll be nasty. dangerous conditions along the coast. they may try to run the mavericks contest. they have other contests. they may try to run that. we don't know what surf contests are going to get run. it's going to be a large swell. mainly on sunday. saturday, begins sunday it when it's the biggest. as you head down the peninsula, 59 in san jose and 59 in morgan hill. these are warm compared to what we've seen. the forecast highs tomorrow, warmer than they have been. temperatures start to ratchet up. the winds kind of start to click a little more offshore. the overnight lows not as cool
5:53 pm
and daytime highs start to ratchet up. 60 on thursday. 63 on friday. up into the mid and upper 60s an saturday and sunday. down right balmy. there's your weekend. that surf is interesting. it's a very large storm and the swell is going to be really big. it'll be interesting to see how everything transpires. >> they haven't had mavericks in a while. >> they missed it last year. they'll get it in this year. >> words of warning and of awe today for a disgraced cyclist lance armstrong. what the world antidoping agency had to say and oprah winfrey's own reaction to the interview.
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bill talked about it a moment ago. organizers say contestants may be on the water next weekend. a spokeswoman told the santa crescental that conditions look good for giant waves but contest officials will wait until 48 hours before the swells are expected to hit before issuing the invitation. spectators won't be allowed on shore this year because of safety concerns. organizers say the best way to watch is online. >> the world antidoping agency said today that lance armstrong must confess to using performance enhancing drugs if he wants to seek reduction of
5:57 pm
his lifetime ban from cycling. the statement comes in response to reports that armstrong admitted to dope in an interview with oprah winfrey. winfrey called the sit-down intense and said she was surprised by many of his answers. >> i would say that for myself, my family team, all of us in the room, we were mesmerized. >> winfrey did not offer details about the content of the interview. >> the u.s. supreme court today ruled in a case that has an important impact on bay area homeowners. the justices clarified when a floating home is a boat. that matters a great deal. real estate law is much different compared to maritime law. the judges ruled that maritime law only applies if a reasonable person considers the structure designed for carrying
5:58 pm
people or things over water. otherwise it is considered a home. >> new at 6; they storm in with guns drawn then rushed right in two minutes the armed robberies that has police worried about a trend in brazen pharmacy robberies. >> it's home to 144 people, but tonight they have to go. new at 6, the contentious end for this bay area neighborhood on the water.
5:59 pm
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